Review: Rogue by Michele Mannon (Deadliest Lies #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review.

Rogue is the first novel in the Michele Mannon-penned Deadliest Lies romantic suspense series published by St. Martin's Press's Swerve imprint. In a story about revenge, twenty-three-year-old Kylie finds herself going from one-woman vigilante seeking justice for her murdered father to a secret operative, trained to do whatever is necessary to fulfill the task given to her. As she trains to become part of TORC, a privately owned security contractor, she falls for Jaxson, an already established operative for the organization, who in turn also falls in love with the feisty young woman he's nicknamed "Fireball". Everything begins to spiral out of Kylie's control, however, and what started as revenge in the name of her father becomes revenge in the name of the lover she betrayed as well. But not everything is as it seems and soon, Kylie is on the run, trying to remain steps ahead of the organization that trained her to kill before they make her pay with her life for her perceived betrayal while needing to finish Jaxson's final mission once and for all.

I enjoyed this series starter, which also happens to be my first read from Michele Mannon. It had an interesting premise and the vibe remained suspenseful. Told in both flashbacks and in present time, we learn about Kylie and her motivations and how she went from a daughter wanting to take care of her cancer-striken mother and her younger sister Madelyn and wanting revenge for what happened to her late father to a mercenary on the run for TORC. The requisite twists and turns necessary to keep things exciting were satisfactory and I liked the romance between Kylie and Jaxson, especially because it was this surprising mix of sweet and steamy. It's easy to figure out who was sent to go after Kylie in Paris and while I won't mention who it is, suffice it to say that it provided a good deal of the thrill factor you expect from books that fall under this genre. This novel is a standalone, so cliffhanger-wary readers like me can go ahead and check it out and not feel frustrated by being left hanging. Rogue receives four out of five stars. ♥

Release Date: 02 August 2016

Date Read: 02 August 2016

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