Review: A Fine Mess by Kelly Siskind (Over the Top #2)

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"You can't love me," I say again, too scared to believe it.
"Seriously? You're still going on about that?"
"You can't."
"I do."
"You're sure?"
"Okay, let me think about it." He tips his head back, then he shrugs and smirks. "Yep. Still sure."
"I love you," I whisper, and my chest expands to fit my heart.
He grins. "I know. But it's awesome to heart it."
Superpower wish: transforming a book boyfriend from fictional to real. This book! I'm still going through one hell of a major book hangover and it's all because of the über talented writing goddess that is Kelly Siskind and the stories that she's created for her Over the Top series. I loved series starter My Perfect Mistake, which was about Shay Gallagher and Kolton (whose last name I have yet to learn...or maybe I just missed it), but Lily Roberts and Sawyer West's love story is exactly as the title states: A Fine Mess. The love, the chemistry, the respect, the connection? They're all there, but there's nothing easy about their romance. It's complicated from the very beginning and just when you think it's become simple, it becomes messy and muddled by ill-conceived, self-sacrificing acts that are inspired by love but spurred on by fear. Gah! But Lily and Sawyer are the kind of couple that you can't help but adore and go all in with, becoming wholly invested in their winsome tale and how the best superpowers are love, friendship, and forgiveness.

From the time they met in Aspen, there's always been...something...between Lily Roberts and Sawyer West. Nine months since then, twenty-six-year-old Lily and thirty-year-old Sawyer have become quite close, and not just because Lily now works for Moondog. They're truly great friends and talk often. They don't talk about their attraction but their both secretly positive it's mutual. However, Lily's been with the same guy for eleven years, so Sawyer keeps things as platonic as possible. Then she drops a bombshell: the relationship is over and she's single again. As thrilled as Sawyer is, it's tempered by wariness and a very real fear that he isn't good enough for someone like Lily. His family, especially his father, hasn't exactly set the best example in terms of fidelity and commitment, so how sure can Sawyer be that he won't end up hurting the woman that means the most to him in the end? Because as much as he loves Lily and as much as she loves him in return, becoming a better man could require superpowers that Sawyer will never have.

This couple had this undeniable and intense kinship, but even that term doesn't suffice. Sawyer and Lily's coupling was inevitable from the moment they met in the first book. These two, however, have long-held issues that have shadowed them for too many years and have yet to address and actively tackle them. These issues add extra layers of complexity to their fledgling romantic relationship, and even when it gets difficult, they often deal with their issues with acceptance, support, and understanding. Sometimes, though, the fear gets a choke hold on you and what you think is best for everyone concerned turns out to be the worst thing ever, fracturing relationships and threatening to break away permanently. But even amidst the more serious and angst-filled moments, the humor remains and it's the kind of humor I appreciate because of the place it comes from. I loved Sawyer and Lily and I loved their story, and that ending? Creative and oh-so-swoony! A Fine Mess was Kelly Siskind at her very finest yet. Five-plus stars. ♥

Update: It's Kolton HAYES! Thank you, Kelly! Peace of mind achievement unlocked! *happy dance*


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Date Read: 04 August 2016

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