Review: Filthy English by Ilsa Madden-Mills (English #2)

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Filthy English was fun, flirty, not overly filthy, and filled with heart-squeezing encounters between its main characters. This second novel in the English series by bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills swivels the spotlight towards Dax Blay, the younger of the Blay twins and introduced in the series starter, Dirty English. This is a second chance romance between Dax and the girl he shared a three-night stand with three years ago, Remington "Remi" Montague. He was sophomore and she was a fresh-faced freshman and it was a weekend that neither one had ever forgotten but they also have no clue that the weekend continues to be held in such high regard by the other. The weekend ended badly and they went on to live separate lives, only getting glimpses of each other around campus and at school events. But three years and one broken engagement later, Remi is nursing her jilted heart in a masquerade party in London and decides the hot Brit beside her would be the distraction she needs. Except there's something familiar about him. When she realizes the man behind the mask is Dax, who left her brokenhearted three years ago, Remi is aghast. But how long can she deny that he's still the one guy to make her feel the way he does?

Ah, second chances romances. They either work or they don't, and this particular one, I'm happy to say, worked extremely well. There's that push and pull going on internally for both Remi and Dax. As much as they remember the good stuff about that shared weekend three years prior, they also remember the aftermath, so the hesitation and resistance is perfectly understandable. There's also the issue of Remi still going through the shock of her fiancĂ© telling her he needed a break. But being around Dax shifts her focus and she isn't feeling all that brokenhearted anymore, which makes you wonder if she was in love with her ex as much as she thought she was or if he simply seemed like the guy she always imagined in her head as ideal husband material. After all, Dax and his manwhore reputation make him as far from "ideal" as you would expect...except there's more to Dax than you would think and there's a reason why he is the way he is. I really liked these two together, although I do admit with being frustrated with their miscommunication and lack of being open and honest with each other. I enjoyed the Blay twins, and now I'm curious to see if their cousin will get his turn... Filthy English hit all the right spot and it get five stars. ♥

Date Read: 14 July 2016

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